E-Commerce Photography

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Product photography is more important now than ever before with more and more purchases being made online and more companies making the online buying journey easy and efficient. When your ecommerce products are seen by consumers online, your goods should look their best, free from any blemishes that could deter a buyer from adding them to their cart. Clear and accurate visuals let your customers know exactly what to expect, and can help to quickly increase sales and decrease returns. Digital Startup can assist you and your company to plan, shoot and organize your ecommerce photography, to help ensure that your buyers keep coming back. Large items or miniatures, a few products or thousands, Digital Startup has the resources and equipment needed to create flawless high-resolution images for your online stores.

There’s More Than Meets the Eye in ECommerce Imagery

Shooting images against a plain (often white) background may seem like an easy task, but there are lots of factors to be considered when planning an ecommerce photo shoot. For one, lighting has a huge effect on the resulting image, and without the proper light source and camera, your product photography, and sales, could suffer. Bad lighting can result in making great products look cheap and unreliable. At Digital Startup, we have designated space and equipment for ecommerce shots, and experienced photographers who understand what is necessary when shooting product imagery for digital storefronts.

Quick and Efficient Product Photos

Without the proper set-up, ecommerce photography can be time consuming, requiring many hours for setting up, staging the products and taking the photos themselves. At Digital Startup, we can shoot hundreds of products efficiently and effectively. We understand how to work with you to plan which types of shots are needed to effectively represent a product, and capture those details consistently across lines of dozens or even hundreds of products without sacrificing quality. We understand how to get the best angles, eliminate unwanted shadows, limit glares and reflections and, in the end, limit time spent making tedious edits in post.

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