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  • 1. How does it take to build a website ?
    Generally, it takes one to two weeks to build a new website. However, this is dependent upon the complexity of the website, the functionality of the website, and the speed of getting the content from the client. We only take on a limited number of projects at any time so we can devote 100% of our attention to providing the best solution for our clients.
  • 2. How will a website help me ?
    A website will help your business in many different ways! This is such an important topic that we wrote a blog post about it. See the 10 Benefits of a Website for a Small Business in our blog
  • 3. What goes on my website ?
    Great question! Your website is the central point of your brand and can have many different types of content on it. Typically websites contain your logo, the value proposition, pictures, videos, customer testimonials, and much more. Don’t worry though, this is where we step in. We will help you choose the best content for your website. We can even create custom content for the website if you need us to !
  • 4. How do I sure I get return on my investment ?
    This is a great question that varies upon your company, industry, and business model. However, we provide Search Engine Optimized websites that allow your website to be found in search engines. We also setup your website with Google Analytics tracking code that will give you data on how your website is performing. We also offer advanced Google Analytics services that show more detailed information than the standard setup.
  • 5. What does the process to build a website look like ?
    The process is pretty straight forward. This is the very basic process: We determine website needs We sign a mutual agreement Client submits initial deposit & content for website carefully builds website to client’s needs Website goes live upon approval by client.

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